The Benefits Of Legal Recruiters

The Benefits of Legal Recruiters

Hiring new associates is not easy; you need to put up adverts about the open positions, go through resumes and then interview the candidates that you think can do the job. Instead of doing all these things yourself you can hire a legal recruiter. These are companies that have databases of lawyers who are looking for jobs, and their work is to match your hiring needs with the right candidates. These firms are especially useful if you are a small legal practice – your name is not out there and the best candidates may have no idea that you exist. A recruiter is aware of the talent that is available in the market at any one time and they can offer your position to the best. There are several other reasons why using a recruiter is a good idea:

•    Unless you have a HR department you will find that hiring new lawyers is a tedious job. You have to go through the process of letting the talent pool know that you have an open position and then once you get applicants you have to sift them in order to come up with interview candidates. After that you have to set up a series of interviews before you can come up with an ideal candidate. If you hire a recruiter all these things are done for you and all you have to do is one final interview to confirm that they picked the right person to fill your vacancy.

•    Legal Recruiters have one skill that you do not – they are experts in reading people and can save you costly mistakes. If you choose an expert, experienced firm that has placed many lawyers over the years they will be able to tell (as early as the first interview) whether or not a candidate is right for your firm. Remember is not just about legal skills- personality and disposition matter too and that is why these people are trained in psychology.

•    Recruiters are about understanding your firm and the position on offer so that they can get the right candidate for the position. They will have filled similar positions over the years so they know which ones went on to be a success and which ones did not. This kind of knowledge means that they are able to get things right most of the time. In addition to that they provide guarantees so that if things don’t work out between your firm and the new associate and they quite before a set period is over they have to refund you any fees that you paid to them.

•    Legal recruiters are a good way to find new employees fast. They have a database of possible candidates for myriad positions and as soon as you tell them your needs they can tap on it for the best possible candidates. They also keep track of the best lawyers – they may not necessarily keep them in their database but they are aware of what they are doing and if you have a position they think will be attracti8ve to them they get in touch.

•    Legal recruiters have the responsibility towards their clients to get them the best in the market. By using a legal recruiter you make sure that you minimize the risk of things not working out. In fact, it is more than that – you guarantee that you are getting only the best lawyers that your firm can afford.

•    It is true that sometimes candidates do not work out. In such cases if you were using a legal recruiter they will simply go into their database and screen other candidates, pull out the best and send them to you. If you were trying to fill the position yourself you will have to go back to scratch.

•    If you are using a recruiter you can get more business in the firm because regardless of the kinds of cases that come your way you can contact the recruiter and ask them to send you lawyers who are experts at them.

•    Good recruiters increase the value of their services by being in contact with other services that their clients may find useful. These can be legal consulting firms, Lateral Moves consultants, discovery services and so on.

When you are choosing your best bet of finding good legal recruiting companies is through word of mouth. Ask around for a firm that has a long history of good placement – if they are new they may not know Legal Careers well enough to place the right associates in the right legal firms. They should also work with different kinds of placement – long term, short term, projects and any other needs that you anticipate for the future. They should also be in touch with talent that is currently employed but is looking for better opportunities.

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